NASPE Standard 3


Standard 3- Planning and Implementation
Physical education teacher candidaates plan and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiances aligned with local, state, and national standards to address diverse needs of all students.

Element 3.1- Design and implement short and long term plans that are linked to program and instructional goals as well as a variety of studnet needs
Element 3.2- Develop and implement appropriate (e.g., measurable, developmentally appropriate, performance based) goals and objectives aligned with local, state, and/or national standards.
Element 3.3- Design and implement content that is aligned with lesson objectives.
Element 3.4- Plan for and manage resources to provide fair, and equiptable learning experiances.
Element 3.5- Plan and adapt instruction for diverse student needs, adding specific accommodations and/or modifications for student exceptionalities.
Element 3.6- Plan and implement progressive and sequential instruction that addresses the diverse needs of all students.
Element 3.7- Plan and implement learnign experiances that require studnets to appropriately use technology to meet lesson objectives.

Artifact #1
Element 3.6
For this element I decided to use a task progression sheet from my Lab C. This progression sheet meets Element 3.6 because it gives a list of all activities from least complex task to most complex task for a class to accomplish in a unit. Using this progression sheet you can change your lesson for different students by using intra-task varriation. This is also a very important chart to have for a unit because it allows the teacher to challange the children differently based on their skill level.